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Virgin Trains - Joining The Exclusive Traveller Club For Enhanced Travelling Experience

At a certain point of time in the past, train journeys were almost discarded by the travelers because of the advent of cheap and convenient airline services. But in a recent while, railway industry has made a thrilling comeback and has led to a gradual drop down in the domestic airline business. Europe is one of the most affected places in terms of decreased number of domestic airline passengers. People prefer traveling through high speed and reliable service providing trains amid the beautiful European landscapes, rather than traveling in airplanes. Eurostar, First ScotRail, London Midland and Fastline are some of the main railway carriers that have completely changed the face of railway transportation. Virgin trains is also one such renowned names in the British Railway Network that attracts a good number of passengers all through the year because of its high quality and reliable services.

Virgin train franchise is providing various special privileges to the passengers in order to enhance their overall traveling experience. Traveller Club membership is one such privilege for the regular customers of Virgin trains. The travelers who have made at least 8 First Class return journeys through Virgin Trains are eligible for this membership plan. All you need to do is to download a form from the official web page and post it back with your original tickets of next journey. The members are provided with certain kind of facilities and some of them are highlighted below in the article.

1. Free Of Cost First Class Travel On Any Weekend
As a member, you along with your partner can enjoy a free travel in First Class at any time, from Friday until the Monday noon. The kids can also accompany you at a mere additional charge of just £10 each. Kids under 5 years of age can travel without paying any charge. The tickets are to be booked as per the availability and can be booked till 18:00 hours of the day before your actual journey.

2. Priority Parking
Horns blaring out loud, no space to park the car, only a few minutes to catch the train, who wishes to start a trip like that? Do you? Well, if you are a Traveller member of Virgin Trains, get ready for a special treatment. You will be able to enjoy the facility of priority parking at various up and down stations. Just display the Traveller parking sticker on your windscreen and pay for the usual parking in order to get your ride parked safely.

3. Special Priority Seating
Have an urgent meeting popped in your way from nowhere? Are you anxious about the last minute bookings? Well, you can relax if you are a Virgin Travellers member. Special priority seats are available in First Class coaches H and J of Pendolino trains from Monday to Friday for the members. Virgin Trains have already booked seats waiting for you to occupy in events of emergency traveling.

So, these are some few benefits made available to the Traveller member of Virgin Trains.

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