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The Majestic Mammals of India

India is a vast and fascinating continent, home to some of the world's most precious species of plants and animals. Owing to its abundant diversity of wildlife, it is a top destination for viewing large mammals, including the Bengal Tiger. Travel through this amazing landscape and witness how man and animal live side by side in this luscious paradise.

If you are an avid nature lover and are planning a trip to India, here is a list of some of the magnificent animals you will be able to see.

The Indian Elephant

Native to the Asian mainland, the Indian Elephant is a slightly smaller species compared to its relative, the African Elephant. Its specially adapted wide feet allow for the even distribution of this animal's hefty weight over a large surface area. The thick soles of the feet make excellent shock absorbers which cushion its body whilst walking or running. Their most significant feature is the large tusks which often extend out a distance of five feet or more. Due to its size and stature, the Indian Elephant is in no danger of being preyed upon by the Tiger. Travel to India to see this wonderful animal and you may even be able to experience a ride through the jungle on a domesticated elephant.

The Indian Rhinoceros

Found in most parts of north eastern India, this majestic mammal is included on the vulnerable species list. It is the second largest rhinoceros in the world, with an extremely thick skin that is silver-brown in colour. Also known as the Greater One-horned Rhino, both the males and females have a single horn composed of compressed keratin. If you are hoping to see the rhino as well as the Tiger, travel with a specialised tour group into the dense jungle for the best opportunity of a sighting.

Indian Leopard

The Indian Leopard is one of the biggest cats found in India and also one of the most sought after animals for viewing by tourists - second only to the Tiger. Travel in the jungle is a way of life for the locals; however, they are always aware of the danger these stealthy animals present, as they remain well camouflaged in the forest undergrowth.

Bengal Tiger

Often referred to as the most dangerous wild cat in India, the Bengal Tiger is also one of the most spectacular. Being the national animal of India and an icon of India's wealth of wildlife, the Bengal Tiger holds a special place in the hearts of the proud Indian people.

Marissa Ellis-Snow is a freelance nature writer. If you're looking for Tiger travel, Naturetrek specialises in expert-led natural history and wildlife tours worldwide. Naturetrek brings over 25 years of experience to Tiger travel in some of the most spectacular regions on Earth.

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