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Enjoying Some Water Sports in Courmayeur

If you have been looking for a great destination for summer water sports but don't really fancy heading to an overcrowded beach, then Courmayeur in the shadow of Mont Blanc is a perfect destination. Taking the easy 100 kilometre trip from Geneva to Courmayeur will be worth while when you arrive in the Italian village that simply oozes charm.

Though this village is a Mecca for wintertime skiers, it offers a large variety of outdoor activities for those who want to spend their summer holidays here too. There are over 200 kilometres of hiking trails and mountain biking passes, and the culture and shopping are some of the best in the area. But the region also offers a variety of water sports that you may not have expected. Travel from Geneva to Courmayeur to experience what has been called "the European Colorado". Here you can experience the roaring waters of the River Dora Baltea and the peaceful pools at different altitudes, or just a simple spot of fishing.

Water sports on the River Dora Baltea

The Dora Baltea is a tributary of the River Po and begins its life at the foot of Mont Blanc as the confluence of the Dora di Ferret. During the spring and summer months it is fed by the melting ice and snow and is a great place to go white water rafting and kayaking. You don't have to worry about getting equipment or have your own knowledge and experience of rafting when you travel from Geneva to Courmayeur, there are various outfits that can teach you the ropes and provide all the gear, no matter your level. If you want to give kayaking a go, you can sign up and take lessons to get yourself acquainted with the sport of white water kayaking, where there are a variety of styles of paddling, kayaking and river rapids levels you can tackle.


If you are a bit sore from all the active white water kayaking and rafting on the River Dora Baltea, or if you just prefer a bit more relaxation, then take one of the cable cars up to the first swimming pool, which is located 1,700 metres up the mountain. Or, if it's still too warm for you at a mere 1,700 metres, go farther up to the outdoor swimming pool at 2,050 metres. These two swimming pools are a great additional novelty and reason alone to make the journey from Geneva to Courmayeur to experience them.


If the idea of rafting is too much, and lounging by a pool at high elevations isn't your thing, then why not spend an afternoon fishing after arriving on your transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur? In the Val Ferret, you can enjoy a spot of peaceful fishing by the shores and cast your rod and reel to catch Char, Steelhead and Brook Trout, and in the protected areas of the water, you can even find Mediterranean and Marble Trout. As easy and relaxing pastime, fishing is a great way to unwind before hitting the hiking trails.

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  1. Interesting post to read. I was wondering besides this water sports holiday destination are there any other you can suggests?

  2. Interesting post to read. I was wondering besides this water sports holiday destination are there any other you can suggests?