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Making the Most of Transfers From Geneva

Let's be frank, nobody really enjoys airport transfers, do they? Yet, when you're heading off for a ski holiday to the Alps, Geneva airport transfers may just offer the opportunity to make the whole process a little less tiresome than normal.

Ho hum

Once you pass a certain age, airports can start to become fairly tedious places. Yes, they have some connotations with holidays and the anticipation of departing to exciting foreign places, but they equally suggest delays, crowds, lengthy queues and waiting for baggage. None of that latter category of activities is typically associated with having a good time on holiday!

Of course, the reality of life is that we have no choice but to put up with these things if we wish to get from A to B quickly and enjoy our precious recreation time. However, in the best traditions of management, sometimes a potential problem can be seen as an opportunity. For example, if you are involved in Geneva airport transfers, have you considered that it might be an opportunity to explore the area in and around this fascinating city?

Manageable size

Geneva is a fascinating city, and it and its airport don't meet the criteria associated with being described as being vast and intimidating. The town itself is beautifully positioned on the side of the lake (with its famous monumental water jet) and is of manageable proportions. Its history goes back to before the Roman period and it is possible to explore much of it using nothing more than your own feet and a relatively comfortable pair of walking shoes. The old town is fascinating and a walk along the lake's quayside can be followed up by a cruise around the water itself.

Cosmopolitan nature

One of the most famous things about this city is its central role in many European and global humanitarian activities. That means that for many years it has been a centre of international diplomatic and financial activity, and this has resulted in a culture that is an interesting mix of Swiss and international. The upshot of this is a truly great selection of international cuisines and restaurants ranging from those associated with, say, the Far East right up to local French and Swiss alpine traditions.

Breaking the journey

The bottom line is that this Swiss gem may be a more interesting city to visit than some associated with typical airport transfers. Of course, you might understandably be interested on getting to the slopes or the mountains, depending upon the time of year you're taking your holiday, meaning that you may not wish to break your journey. However, if you would normally view the idea of Geneva airport transfers with trepidation, why not seek to use it as an opportunity to extend your break and explore the city and its surrounding areas? It might be a decision that you won't regret.

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