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Entertain The Kids During Your Holiday In Christchurch, Canterbury

If you're visiting the South Island of New Zealand, it's likely that you will be going through or stopping off in Christchurch. The city might have been hit hard by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, but it's still one of the country's top destinations for tourists and travellers, local and international alike. When you have kids you're constantly thinking of how you're going to keep them entertained - especially if you're taking them with you on a family trip or holiday!

Fortunately Christchurch and the Canterbury region as a whole has plenty of places you can take everyone to enjoy a day out. If you are flying in, consider a Christchurch car rental to make getting around easier - there's nothing worse than trying to get everyone from A to B on time when you have to rely on family, friends or public transport. Book your holiday today and check out some of these great Garden City hotspots that will be sure to keep you and the kids happy.

Orana Wildlife Park

One of the coolest places in the country, Orana Wildlife Park is the country's only open range zoo. Orana Park has some of the most exciting animal species from all over the world - check out zebra, lions, giraffe and cheetahs; the park is home to more than 70 different species in total. Free shuttle services can take you around the zoo itself and you can find Orana Wildlife Park on McLeans Island Road.

International Antarctic Centre

Learn about Antarctica as a family at the International Antarctic Centre's visitor centre. Spend time in the snow room, ride the Hagglund and see little blue penguins at the NZ Penguin Encounter. While a great tourist destination, the International Antarctic Centre also serves as a base for the NZ, US and Italian Antarctic programs. The centre does all the administration and warehousing for these programs and runs a clothing store and post office too. Find the International Antarctic Centre close to the airport on Orchard Road.

Adrenalin Forest

Adreanlin Forest operates a fantastic outdoor experience for all ages. Located in Christchurch's Spencer Park, there are 6 pathways and 102 different challenges that range from 2 metres high to 20 metres. Test yourself physically and mentally, outdoors, in a fun and safe environment and overcome challenges together!

Entertain the kids and entertain yourself in Christchurch visiting some of these local attractions. Enjoy your holiday as a family and make your South Island experience one that you'll remember forever, together.

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  1. Renting a car certainly gives you freedom and flexibility esp. when traveling with children. No waiting for buses or trains, no paying expensive taxi fares. Just make sure, however, that you know your route before you start so you can have a safe and enjoyable journey.

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