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Preparing for your Geneva to Val Thorens Trip

For anyone looking forward to a trip to one of the Alps' finest ski resorts, such as Val Thorens, it may be tempting to wish away the hours until you're hitting the slopes. But if you are travelling via Geneva and have time to spare, it can be well worth taking in some of what the city has to offer. Not only is this stylish city packed with life, art, and culture on a scale that can be hard to come by further afield - it's also the perfect place to do any last minute preparation for your trip that may be necessary. Here are some ideas for what to do before making the journey from Geneva to Val Thorens.

Enjoy city life

Even if you are heading for the mountains to escape the stresses of modern life, an afternoon in a vibrant European city can be wonderfully refreshing in its own way. The time between arriving and continuing your Geneva to Val Thorens journey from is a great opportunity to tip your toes into the best of the city. The faded splendour of the Old Town, the dazzle of Lake Geneva in the sun, and the fashion boutiques, concert pavilions and enticing restaurants of the lakeside area are all at your fingertips.

Finalise your plans

If there are any aspects of your trip that still need arranging, such as money changing, equipment hire, updating your hotel booking, arranging travel from Geneva to Val Thorens, or planning the next leg of your holiday, the time after disembarking from your flight and before journeying onwardsmay be the best time to do it. Internet access is easy to come by, and there will be plenty of useful information for travellers. You could also take the opportunity to send a postcard or two home, and tell everyone about your day in this gorgeous Swiss city.

Stock up on kit

If your Geneva to Val Thorens trip is for the purpose of mountain sports, chances are you are already amply prepared in terms of equipment. But the city is a fantastic place for finding all kinds of outdoor wear and sports kit; so whether it's buying a replacement for the hat and gloves you forgot or treating yourself to a brand new piece of designer gear, the city centre's sports stores have you covered. This is also a good opportunity to stock up on high energy snacks, first aid essentials - something to fight off a cold or cough that could be brought on by the temperature drop is always a good idea - and any other essentials you might need. And, of course, this is also a good time to investigate the shops selling Geneva's most famous products - chocolates and gold watches.

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