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5 Great Summer Activities in Val d'Isere

When you travel by shuttle from Geneva to Val d'Isere in the summer, you will probably be keen to take part in many of the fun activities available at the resort. Although it is known mainly for being a ski resort, summer is still a great time to visit as there are numerous activities to enjoy. Here is a selection of five of the best.

1. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is one of the most popular activities in the summer months after your transfer from Geneva to Val d'Isere. There are many places to enjoy a spot of rock climbing in the mountains around the resort, and no matter what level you are, you can enjoy some climbing here. One of the best places to check out is Roc de Tovière which is especially suitable for beginners.

2. Paragliding
Even if you have never tried paragliding before you can still have a go after you arrive in the resort on your transfer from Geneva to Val d'Isere. This activity is undertaken along with an instructor, so you can enjoy the thrill of paragliding without having to worry about any of the technical details. Whereas in winter you will need to have basic skiing skills for the take-off, in the summer you can simply run down the slope.

3. Mountain Biking
Skiing is not the only way to race down the slopes in the resort: mountain biking is another excellent way to do just that, with the added benefit that it is available in the summer! There are many areas in the region where you can enjoy navigating some steep and thrilling slopes, but be careful where you go because some areas are only suitable for experienced riders.

4. Helicopter Tours
If you want to enjoy a thrilling activity that does not involve any effort on your part, helicopter tours could be ideal. This is the ultimate way to see the spectacular scenery surrounding the resort from the air, and you can simply relax and enjoy the views below of forests, mountains and glaciers.

5. Canyoning
This activity is exhausting but a whole lot of fun. It involves abseiling, jumping into streams, climbing around rocks, crossing rapids and getting very wet! It would be too cold to do this in the winter so the summer is the perfect time to have a go, and it is also suitable for complete beginners - although not advised for young children.
When you take a convenient transfer from Geneva to Val d'Isere in the summer months for a short break, you should definitely try out a few of the activities above. All of these are available during the summer, and there are many others to try out as well.

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