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The Great Mountains of Provence

Provence provides the traveller with a wide choice of mountainous regions to explore. The warm Mediterranean location is home to a variety of landscapes and topographical features that make up the diverse wildlife areas of the region: from the Alps in the north west, where mountain streams transform into rivers that feed into lush valleys, to the coastal regions where warm waves wash up against sandy shores.

With so many natural wonders to explore when you holiday in Provence, many travellers are in awe of the spectacular mountain ranges that are found in the region. No visit is complete without exploring at least one or two of these spectacular peaks rising high up into the sky.

Mount Ventoux

Located approximately 20km to the north east of Carpentras, this legendary summit rises up a mile above the surrounding Provence countryside. Although it forms part of the Alps, it is considered separate from the rest of this mountain range. Popular with cyclists the world over, Mount Ventoux is famous for the long windy ascent from Bedoin, which is included as part of the route in the Tour de France cycle race. If you enjoy mountain biking when you are on holiday in Provence, there are many trails and routes which are renowned for their spectacular views as you pedal your way to the top of the peak.


This small mountain chain located to the south of Avignon, is in striking contrast to the luscious Rhone valley plain from which it rises. The range extends for 25km in an east to west direction and is approximately 10km wide. The white and grey limestone cliffs give this mountain range the name "the little Alps", as, at their highest point, they stand at only 387m above sea-level. If you decide to include Alpilles in your itinerary when you holiday in Provence, you may even be fortunate enough to see some rare wildlife such as the Egyptian vulture and eagle owls which nest up high on the craggy cliffs.

Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Considered to be a significant landmark of the surrounding Aix area, this towering peak reaches up to a height of just over one kilometre. With an east to west orientation and sheer cliffs consisting mainly of limestone, Montagne Sainte-Vicoire drops down sharply on its south side towards the Arc basin. This peak has trails which are very popular with hikers and is definitely worth a visit when you plan your holiday in Provence.

Massif des Maures

Stretching from Frèjus to Hyères, this mountain range consists of forested ridges interlaced with shrub covered hills. Hiking through the cork oak and pine tree valleys is a popular activity for anyone visiting during the summer season. If you are interested in visiting this region when planning your holiday in Provence, there is plenty of accommodation available all year round in the picturesque towns that are scattered around the base of the mountain range.

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